About Us

Hatzis Water Ski paradise belongs to George and Tasos Hatzis who are also the coaches of the school.

Both brothers started water skiing at the age of 7 and 8 respectively at the Ioannina Lake; their performance soon gained recognition and in 1988 they were invited to the national team of which still belong. Their performance and their distinctions turned Greece into a worthy opponent for other countries and won a series of European and world medals for our country.

They have traveled all around the world both to participate in tournaments or for training and maintain friendly relations with some of the best athletes and coaches of the world. George is an overall athlete which means that he does all three sports while Tasos is a slalom specialist, both still being active athletes with distinctions. George’s most important distinction was the second place in the world games of 2001 in Beijing while Tasos most important distinction was the third place in the European Games of 1998 in Germany. Hard training, success, failure, the contact with the best skiers of the world as well as the journeys to various lakes all around the world have offered them incredible experience and knowledge on water skiing, which was the fulcrum to found Hatzis Water Ski Paradise in 2003 and impart this experience to all those who wish to discover the secrets of water skiing.